Working holiday age increased to from 30 to 35 for Irish and Canadian from the 5/11/18

There is confusion over this government policy regarding working holiday visas.

The change in the tax threshold left many backpackers without enough money to live alone, this has discouraged many from coming to Australia.

There is a need for the Irish young to stay in Ireland and Employers in Ireland are in need of their young. So this is a strange move.

So why don’t we add the Eastern European countries to the working holiday program? There are highly skilled in trades and professions Australia needs

Extending the age only opens a back door to Western European migration instead of having a level playing field.

More articles are to follow as full employment will mean a slow down in the current growth as skill shortages start to bite yet again. The present unemployment figure in Australia would be considered full employment in most developed countries as a percentage of the unemployment figure included people who do not want to work in any case and want to enjoy unemployment benefits and have prioritized lifestyle.

This agreement is a reciprocal agreement, so the agreement also allows Australians to come to work in Ireland, gives participants the ability to work abroad for up to two year in both countries.

So what is going on?

Working holiday visa 417 age extension