Why TSS visa holders should move to Rockingham

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If you are a new migrant to Australia or thinking of migrating to Australia then Think of Rockingham.

The things that are in your critical path when choosing to make Australia home.

Jobs are a plenty

Jobs, Rockingham is a fast growing city, it has hood rail and road links to other cities in Western Australia.

Work is Available in In Rockingham and the Kwinana industrial area as well has Henderson. With one of the best shopping centers in WA, Rockingham has a lot to offer a new migrant to Australia.

  1. Blue collar workers can find work in the nearby industrial estates.
  2. White collar migrants can find in Perth and commute by train or freeway. Time by train is around 33 minutes, there is ample parking at the station. Travel time by road 45 minutes.
  3. Health care workers can find work in the local hospital or at the Fiona Stanley and john of God hospital in Murdoch

Good local education in and near Rockingham

Rockingham has many child care centres, primary school and high school as well as private schools and TAFE  colleges.



The cost of a three bed house with 2 bath rooms in fabulous condition is around $270 a week.

Two bedroom units can cost as little as 190 a week.

An older 3 bed house can be rented for around 220 a week.


You can buy a 4 bedroom house for around 300k and brand new 3bed house for 280k

It is not going to be like this for long. WA is gearing up for a new Infrastructure boom, expect to pay 15% more in 18 months as the jobs available grow due to the development of gas fields in the North of Western Australia.


Rockingham has a swimming pool

Magnificent beach and recreation areas along The Mandurah Foreshore.

Fishing and boating

Cycle friendly streets

Easy access to the Darling range and the south to enjoy great family camping holidays in the beautiful South West of Australia