Why live in Joondalup (from a migrants perspective)

Top places to visit in Joondalup

Closest and best place to live

If you are looking to move to Western Australia, you may be on the lookout on which place is the best to live near Perth. Although Western Australia’s Capital city is Perth, the living cost can be significantly higher if you decide to live here. The living cost of cities that are further out can be cost effective and it can turn out to be an advantage if you decide to go further out from Perth. One of the cities that you can consider is Joondalup. The city is situated North of Perth and is the ideal place for everyone.


If you are looking for a place to live and work near Perth, Joondalup can be the ideal option. The city is situated in a location where you can easily commute to Perth’s Central Business District and the journey will only take 20 to 30 minutes by vehicle and under an hour if you take the train.

Affordable with amenities

Joondalup is a developed city that comes with many amenities. You can enjoy life in the city with leisure centers, parks, and many spectacular events. It also consists of dedicated hospitals and schools. Joondalup is the ideal place for professionals who are looking to escape for the weekend as it has a number of affordable bars and restaurants.


Not everyone needs to commute to Perth to get work. Joondalup itself comes with an array of job opportunities. It has a busy hospital which makes it an interesting place for workers of health care professional who are looking to emigrate to Australia.

Be entertained

All over the year, you can expect family-friendly events along with mouthwatering food markets and visual arts and music event. The event calendar offers many entertainment events, so you can expect to be entertained all throughout the year.


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