Why Is Australia Perfect for Overseas Students: There are a plethora of nations from which to select when contemplating a year of study abroad. Do you select Australia, the United Kingdom, or Europe?

Many individuals find Australia to be a compelling option in the context of pursuing higher education overseas. English-speaking Australia is advantageous for individuals who wish to enhance their command of the language. Proficient English is an invaluable asset for advancing in a vast array of industries.

International pupils hailing from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, and Indonesia will find Australia to be an exceptionally cosmopolitan setting, owing to the presence of individuals from various nationalities. As per SBS.com, the international student population in higher education in Australia consists of the nationalities listed below. Education is one of the largest industries in Australia.

Nationalities of International Students in Australia

  • India: 40,997
  • Nepal: 15,386
  • Malaysia: 13,196
  • Vietnam: 12,438
  • Pakistan: 9,024

So, how are all these international students studying in Australia?

Student Visas are necessary for academic pursuits in Australia. Obtaining an Australian Student Visa is contingent upon receiving confirmation of enrolment from the full-time institution for which you have applied. For Australian Student Visa eligibility, it is important to note that enrolment in a full-time course is a prerequisite.

Consult a Registered Migration Agent prior to bringing a companion or other family members along while you study in Australia in order to determine whether or not visa requirements apply.

International students studying in Western Australia would benefit from the guidance of a Perth Migration agent, who is in the best position to address their enquiries regarding studying in Perth.

A Registered Migration Agent will evaluate your specific circumstances in order to determine the most suitable visa pathway for studying in Australia while bringing family members along while you study abroad. Additionally, a Perth Migration Agent will have the capability to aid you in the process of submitting your visa application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This will significantly improve your prospects of successfully obtaining your Australian visa.

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