Why Indonesian Students Choose To Study In Perth

 With a huge amount of international students and a close proximity to Asia, Perth is an attractive destination for Indonesian students wanting to study in Australia.

Cheap flight

With cheap flights available between Perth and Indonesia, studying in Perth for Indonesian students is a great way to experience a whole different culture whilst only being a short flight away from home. Perth offers a great balance between Australian culture, Westernized culture and a laid back lifestyle.

Confirmation of enrollment

For Indonesian students wanting to study in Perth, they must obtain a confirmation of enrollment at one of Perth’s universities before applying for a Student visa for Australia. To find out the specific documentation needed for students travelling from Indonesia to Australia it is best to speak with a Perth registered migration agent. A migration agent will be able to assist you with your application from start to finish.

What Indonesian students say about studying in Perth…

“It’s calm and not too crowded while still retaining the big city vibes. Also, the fact that it’s fairly close to Indonesia (only five hours flight from Jakarta and three and a half hours from Bali) certainly makes things easy from a relocation point of view!

 Why Indonesian students like Perth from a student life point of view…

The calmness that the city has makes for a great learning environment and the peaceful atmosphere really drives you to focus on your studies. At the same time, it still has the big city vibes that always make things exciting and there’s always something new to discover. A lot of places and events in Perth also offer discounts for students, so you can always have fun without worrying about paying too much money.