Why should you choose to study in Perth?

Most isolated City in the world

Perth is famous for being completely surrounded by Australia’s nature. It is also the most isolated city in the world. The Indian ocean and the Australian outback give the Perth City its added beauty. Perth is also regarded as an “Education City” in Australia, and the students who are studying here can be assured of receiving the best education that is on offer.

low cost of living

Perth has a cost of living that is very low when compared with other Australian cities. It provides inexpensive accommodation, affordable prices for food, and has an efficient public transportation system. International students can enjoy a cosmopolitan environment that comes with a lower cost when compared with studying elsewhere in Australia.

innovative universities

Perth consists of many leading, young, and innovative universities. These universities comprise of many students who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents. Universities in Perth have thousands of international students within their walls. Universities that are based in Perth are vibrant, safe, and sophisticated. The city of Perth has been rated as one of the best in the world in terms of livability. It is also a top-rated as being a friendly city.

A major driver of Australian economyi

Perth is located in Western Australia. Western Australia drives a major part of the Australian economy through its exports. Perth has recently seen a rapid population growth as well. It has also seen an increase in demand for qualified workers for services relating to science, technology, and construction.

Perth has a great climate

Perth has one of the best climates in Australia. It enjoys the most days in the sunshine out of the many major cities in Australia. It is blessed with brilliant beaches, mild Mediterranean climate, and blue skies that make Perth an ideal and most comfortable place for your studies. Perth is located in similar time zones as many cities in Asia and is closest to many major cities in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Perth is culturally diverse

Perth is also a city that comprises of many cultures. Almost 35 percent of its citizens are born in other countries which gives it the multicultural background.
Perth also offers excellent air travel. So rather than being confined to one city, students have the option of exploring the entire continent during their stay in Australia.

What can you study in the universities located in Perth?

Students have a wide variety of fields of study to choose from to achieve their career goals. Each field of study consists of undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. Each degree will consist of a major subject or specialty that you can choose according to your preference. You can choose one of the following study areas out of the many on offer.
• Arts & Huminites
• Business and Law
• Science
• Nursing and Midwifery
• Engineering and Technology

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