Ten reasons to invest in the Perth Property market today

1) Major government invest into rail infrastructure in and around Perth.

The Forestfield link

There is also a rail extension taking place to Bicton from Armadale.

2) The property market has bottomed out, in some suburbs like Wembley the move upwards has already begun.

The rail infrastructure is also leading to a improvement in the house prices.

3) Strong rental market, the mining sector having stabilized, creating more rental demand, as is the strong international student market.

4) Government is in surplus, it is predicted that a 1.2 billion surplus is on the way to finance the infrastructure projects and therefore improve employment opportunities.

5) The mining sector is improving and more jobs are being created. Some of the projects that will help revitalize the mining sector are at Koodaidere, a Rio Tinto project, Elivana, a Fortescue peoject and the expansion of the Gorgon

6) WA had a good harvest so the agriculture sector is in good shape.

7) Perth is a gateway to Asia, tourism is the next big growth industry in Western Australia

8) University revenue is good, and Perth is a major destination for International students, Universities like Edith Cowen and the University of Western Australia continue to be world leaders in providing excellent education.

Why study in Perth?

9) The The health sector is strong and need more skilled migrants to migrate to Australia and this will further improve house prices and the rental market. With the growth in the elderly in Australia, there is only going to be a need for more and more healthcare professionals in Western Australia.

10) Western Australia is the real Australia,with space for your family to grow in one of the most livable cities in Australia and the World.

There are so many positive factors that will help you to see an increase in your property value over the next five years.The other states are experiencing depressed property markets and the general view is that the price of accommodation will decrease further in Sydney and Melbourne.

Perth has bottomed out and if you buy in Perth there is a strong likely hood that you will have positive growth in your property value.