Which Occupations Will Continue to Be Eligible for Employer-Sponsored Visas?: Australia is now reviewing which jobs on the Core Skills Occupation List for the new Skills in Demand Visa should remain on the list and which ones should be removed. By year’s end, this will presumably replace the Subclass 482 TSS Visa.

What jobs would be on the list?

Make sure to check out the official government webpage for all the information you need. It’s got a list you certainly must read to get all the information you’re looking for.

Removed occupations

The subsequent removal of any profession from the skilled occupation listings will not have any negative effect on pending nominations and/or visa applications.

What would happen if you were currently in possession of a skilled visa? The removal of these professions will not affect you. However, these removals may affect you if your circumstances change and require the submission of a new nomination application. If a job change or other circumstances remove your job from the consolidated list of qualified professions, this could occur.


Which immigrants may need their job to be on the list of jobs?

There will likely be three different methods to apply for a Skills in Demand Visa. It is possible that the new visa will only allow workers whose jobs are on the Core Skills Occupation List, rather than those who match the wage and industry criteria of the Specialist Skills track.

The Specialist Skills Pathway

  • More than $135,000 per year in earnings for migrant workers
  • Potential exemption from talent requirements for occupations specified on an occupational list.
  • Workers in trades, operators of equipment, and drivers will not have access to it.

The Core Skills Pathway

  • Needs an annual salary of $70,00–$130,000
  • Core Skills Occupation List jobs that an employee is most likely to need to have.

The Skills in Demand Pathway

  • Must have a salary of less than $70,000
  • Occupation listings may not be applicable or relevant, and it’s uncertain whether they will be sector-specific.

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