What’s the Weather Like in Brisbane

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Sunny Brisbane

A lot of migrants move to Brisbane for the sunny weather… and you know what, they’re not
wrong! For the best part of most days, on average you can expect seven hours of sunshine a day – meaning you can reap all the benefits.

Temperature in Brisbane

In Brisbane the temperature rarely dips below 20 Celcius meaning if you’re one for t-shirt
weather, Brissie will be your haven. It’s important to remember that you’re moving to the
Southern Hemisphere so expect the coldest time of year between July and August when it gets
to a chilly 21 C – if you’re from Scotland we know you’ll be laughing!

Hot summers in Brisbane

In the summer you can expect scorching temperatures between 29-39 C meaning shrimps on
the barbie for Christmas Day will be more your thing rather than a full Turkey dinner with
summer falling between December to February.
There are of course some downs when it comes to emigrating to Brisbane as with hot weather

Cyclones in Brisbane

you do get some adverse conditions such as cyclones and the risk of some flooding. This may
sound alarming, however when you consider all the perks of living in Brisbane such as
sprawling suburbs, great schools and lifestyle.
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What’s the Weather Like in Brisbane not bad at all check out your migration options with our registered migration agent

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