What’s it really like studying in Perth for international students?

Many young people aspire to study abroad as part of their higher education, and with its fantastic facilities, it will come as no surprise that Australia ranks high on the list as a top destination for international students from all over the world.

Australia’s education system provides world recognised qualifications ensuring a good chance for international students to succeed in their chosen profession. Here, we speak to an international student who chose to study in Perth to further her journalism career…


What drove your decision to study in Australia?

Since high school I had been aiming for an international higher education experience, and Australia offers just that. Despite its proximity to Indonesia it has a whole different culture and education system and that’s exactly the challenge I was looking for. As an aspiring journalist I wanted to experience new things that I couldn’t find in my home country and shape my knowledge better, and Australia is the perfect place to do that.

Why did you choose Perth specifically?

I had been to Perth a few times before studying there and fell in love with the city instantly. It offers a great learning and living environment—it’s calm and not overpopulated.

Where and what did you study?

I majored in Journalism with a minor in Politics and International Relations at Edith Cowan University.

How did you spend your weekends in Perth whilst you were a student?

When I wasn’t studying or working I usually took public transport to explore the city. Sometimes I took the train without a specific destination in mind—I just loved going around the city and seeing new things! My favourite places include Fremantle with its old town atmosphere, and Mandurah with its wonderful canal. I also frequented a number of Irish pubs in the city, as I am quite a sucker for all things Irish.

How did you find out about where to live?

I had friends and relatives living in Perth who helped me find accommodation. I also did a quick research on suburbs in Perth and their proximities to the uni I attended.


Did you do any travelling whilst studying in Perth?

I spent a weekend in Busselton and Margaret River and it was great. I enjoyed exploring regional WA because of its natural attractions and atmosphere.

What has having a higher education degree from Australia done for your CV?

It sure adds a lot to my CV because in general people here in Indonesia greatly value international degrees, and Australia has a good reputation here when it comes to higher education. It also proves my English proficiency which comes in handy whenever I go looking for a job.