What is the points test for Australia?

You can immigrate to Australia based on your skills, qualification, and work experience. Applicants will receive points through a selected criterion that ranges from age to professional experience. The applicant must score a minimum of 60 points to be granted a visa.

Nominated occupation

To become eligible to apply through the “General skill Migration program”, the applicant will need to nominate a skilled occupation through the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation list (COSL) and be assessed by the relevant assessing authority.


Applicants will be given a score according to the age category they fall into at the time of application. Applicants aged 25-32 get the most points while those who are aged over 45 will receive none.

English language proficiency

Applicants must take the IELTS test to claim the points for proficient or superior language skills.

Skilled employment

Applicants can claim points for skilled occupation employment experience within Australia or another country. Point are awarded separately for each of the above categories. The points obtained can be combined but the maximum points awarded for this criterion cannot exceed 20.

Educational qualification

Applicants are awarded points for the highest educational qualification obtained. The qualification should be related to the nominated occupation which will be verified during the skills assessment.

Australian qualification

Applicants will receive 5 points if they completed an Australian qualification in an Australian educational institution.

Spouse/partner skill and qualification

If the applicant’s spouse/partner is able to meet the basic requirements of the Australian General Skilled Migration, their skills can add to the total points.

Community language skills

The applicant are awarded 5 points if they possess interpreter/translator level language skills in a designated Australian community language.

Nomination and sponsorship

Applicants are awarded points when sponsored by the territory government or the Australian government.

Pass mark

Applicant must score 60 points to gain a visa under the General Skilled Migration program.

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What is the points test for Australia?