Even though the rest of Australia has opened or is about to open, Western Australia is likely to stay closed until next year. The reason for this is that WA Premier Mark McGowan has recently said that WA will reopen its state and international borders when it expects to achieve a 90 percent double dose vaccination rate in late January or early February 2022. Read More about WA’s Roadmap to Re-open International Travel

However, from a business standpoint, this move is very contentious, as WA will be the last state to forsake a COVID-zero policy. On the other hand, every other state plans to enable quarantine-free travel before the Christmas holidays.

Mark McGowan’s “Unrealistic” Vaccination Target?

Criticism has fallen on WA Premier Mark McGowan for setting an unrealistic goal for the reopening of the state. State borders will stay closed until 90 percent of over-12s have been completely vaccinated against COVID-19, according to Mr. McGowan, who estimates that this will occur in January or February of this year.

According to a reporter, some experts do not think that 90 percent of the target can be achieved, which the Premier addressed. Only 63.7 percent of West Australians are fully vaccinated, with 79.3 percent having only received a single dose of the vaccine. “There are already some people on social media saying, ‘Who is he kidding?’ We won’t make it to 90%,” according to the reporter.

WA's Roadmap to Re-open International Travel

The Travel and Tourism Industry’s Disappointment

It’s a “disadvantage” for Western Australia, according to the Tourism Council. A reopening date for Western Australia has been requested immediately by the tourist and travel industries, who have voiced their dissatisfaction with McGowan’s failure to provide one so they can plan, and visitors can book flights.

If there is no firm timetable for reopening, the state’s tourism council says, visitors and businesses alike would be unable to plan future trips or family reunions.

Consequently, many people are left with the thought that the “premier of WA lacks business experience and has lost his way?”

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WA’s Roadmap to Re-open International Travel, More info: ozvisainfo.com

More info: immi.homeaffairs.gov.au