Useful Property Information for New Migrants to Perth: In Perth, there are numerous magnificent residential areas, and for many individuals, making a decision among them is among the most enjoyable challenges. When expatriates are relocating to Perth, REIWA is a highly recommended online platform that offers an abundance of exceptional resources.

Seasonality in the Perth property market

Perth, like many other Australian cities, experiences real estate market peaks; in this case, summer. Be mindful that securing real estate in Perth or Western Australia during the period from November to March will be considerably more difficult and expensive.

What you need to have to get into the Perth property market

Regardless of the season in which you relocate to Perth, it is important to note that the real estate market is extremely buoyant and fast-paced. Perth’s real estate market is not one for those who prefer to take their time finding a place to live; if you discover something you like, seize it immediately. The Perth real estate market is extremely competitive; therefore, as a foreign national, you must ensure that all necessary documentation is complete and accurate. Documents such as verification of residence or visa, bank information, and evidence of financial security are required. It will pay off to be well-prepared for a swift relocation by carrying with you everything you might not even consider necessary.

Property information for new migrants to Perth Prices in the Perth property market

Perth is not the most affordable market for rentals among all Australian markets. However, in recent years, property prices have stabilised after a slight decline, making the region an excellent location to purchase. As a result of the slight decline in property values over the past few years, vendors have a tendency to overprice their properties. This provides the vendor, particularly the capital buyer, with considerable room for negotiation.

Where to live in Perth

Geographically, Perth is a little off the established path; the nearest significant city is Adelaide, situated at a distance of 3,000 kilometres. Nevertheless, this does not imply that the location is not an excellent place to reside. Located on the Swan River, Perth consistently ranks among the top ten most desirable places to reside. It is possible to reside in inland regions, but for those in search of breathtaking coastlines, there are some extraordinary locales that will astound you.

Perth can be broken down into 5 predominant areas and these are:

Inner Perth – City, Inner North, South East and West

North Perth – Northern and Outer North

South Perth –  Outer South and Fremantle

East Perth –  Outer East

West Perth – Western Perth

Perth has some fantastic places to stay. For the best advice ask your migration agent and you will not go wrong.