Should I Use A Registered Australian Migration Agent?

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Have you just typed should I use a migration agent into Google? Well if so, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

Many prospective migrants to Australia aren’t sure whether or not they need a migration agent to assist them with their visa applications for Australia. And often, one of the top questions asked to migration agents is whether or not they have to use a registered migration agent to apply for a visa for Australia. In short, no, it’s not compulsory to use a migration agent, however there are a fair few reasons why you should use a registered migration agent and here, we’ll take a look at those very good reasons.

Getting advice from a registered migration agent, as we said, is not compulsory, but there is a heck of a lot they can help you with should you choose to do so. It’s a bit like making the decision of whether to use an accountant or not to do your tax return. Some prefer to do it themselves, others prefer professional help. Either way, it’s totally up to you how you apply for your visa.

What does a migration agent do?

  1. A migration agent will advise you on which visa path will suit you and your circumstances. There are over 140 different visas for entry into Australia – so it pays to know someone who knows what they are talking about.
  2. A registered migration agent can give you honest and fair advice about your chances of obtaining your preferred visa.
  3. A registered migration agent can give you a firm quote on the fees they will charge to assist you with your visa application.
  4. A migration agent will liaise with any skills assessment bodies or the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship on your behalf.
  5. They will advise you of any legalities that might apply to your case.
  6. A migration agent will make sure you application is lodged in the best way possible to give you the best chance of obtaining your preferred visa.
  7. If your application isn’t processed, a migration agent can apply for Ministerial intervention – if deemed appropriate – and appeal the decision at a tribunal on your behalf.

Things to know before hiring a Migration Agent:

Like all things, it’s best to know what you are buying before you commit to it. Here’s a few things to know about hiring a migration agent before you choose one…

  • A migration agent must been registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). It is unlawful for unregistered advisors to act in this way, so make sure the agent you choose is MARA registered before handing over your application.
  • A migration agent cannot guarantee you will have a successful application. They will need to go through all the relevant checks with you.
  • Migration agents are forbidden from implying they have a special relationship with the government or can assure you will obtain a visa.

If you want to know more about what a registered migration agent can do for you and your visa application to Australia contact us today.