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SAF levy is coming soon to apply

It is being anticipated that the Department of Home Affairs that the SAF levy is soon to apply from mid June 2018 despite the SAF Levy only recently being announced. Once the SAF levy is in operation businesses will begin to have to pay a contribution to the Levy for every sponsored visa holder.

SAF Levy and Labour Market Testing Requirements

If you are a business that sponsors visa holders or would like to sponsors someone you need to gem up on what to know about the Labour Market Testing requirements are that recently came in to play.

Labour Market Testing Requirements

Employers will now need to seriously prove they have tested the local market before sponsoring a migrant worker.Some of these Labour market testing requirements are outlined below:

  • Businesses must make sure the vacant position is advertised for 4 weeks (previously 21 days)
  • Businesses must advertise a position for a maximum of 4 months prior to submitting a nomination to sponsor a visa holder (this was previously 6 months).
  • The job advertisement must clearly outline the experience and skills required for the person they are looking to recruit
  • Advertisements must also be targeted suitable for Australian citizens and permanent residents in a way that they are likely to see the position available.

The Department of Home Affairs are still working on how to validate this however it is likely employers will need to keep strict records on their recruitment processes.

To find out more about how the SAF Levy May affect your business and employees speak to one of our Registered Migration Agents about hiring skilled migrants.