UK ExPats Looking For Beachside Towns in Perth Australia

If you want to emigrate to Australia from the UK then it’s more than likely you are after the beach lifestyle. Afterall, Australia is famous for its beaches and internationally popular soaps such as Home and Away and Neighbours have sold us the idea through their carefully constructed plot lines.


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Perth is the perfect city when it comes to a major CBD within a stone’s throw of endless sandy coastline. The most popular seaside town is Fremantle. Easily commutable to the city, Fremantle is a city in its own right and therefore has all the amenities of a busy town. The colonial architecture will, however, transport you to the Wild West. Rest assured though, there is a major hospital, schools, colleges, restaurants, pubs and two main beaches. Bathers Beach is near to town whereas South Beach is a little further away – but still walkable from the centre of town.

On the weekends, Fremantle’s market becomes to epicentre of activity as well as the buzzing food court. Fremantle Harbour is where you’ll see plenty of imports and exports coming in and out of the country, but you can also catch the ferry to Rottnest Island. Rottnest is a popular weekend getaway for locals and tourists alike.


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Cottesloe Beach in Perth

Just 11km from Perth, Cottesloe is a fantastic beachside town.  A little nearer to Perth than Fremantle, but still within easy commutable distance via train, Cottesloe beachfront is flanked by pubs and eateries serving up pizza and seafood. The area is popular with young professionals in their 20s-30s but also affluent families with children who like to take full advantage of the beach front. Cottesloe is famous for being a Sunday session destination and life very much revolves around the beach here. In fact, Cottesloe Beach is Perth’s most popular beach.


A popular town for UK expats near Perth, Rockingham is an affordable beach town around a 40 minute drive from Perth. A sleepier town, life revolves around the beachfront here. Rockingham is very popular for young families due to the more affordable houses and has a high English population. So for those who simply want to move to Australia, Rockingham may be an excellent choice for you.

Rockingham is also popular for kite surfers and other water sports and is also the gateway to Penguin Island – great for day trips. Further South than Perth, the benefit of living in Rockingham is that weekends can be spent getting away from it all to destinations such as Margaret River, Albany and other southerly destinations.

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