Travel And Tourism Jobs In Adelaide

As the fifth largest city in Australia, Adelaide has a lot to offer in travel and tourism. From being the wine centre of Southern Australia to providing top foods, if you are looking for a job in travel or tourism, Adelaide is an excellent choice. It is also a wonderful city to work in with the city being surrounded by parks and the beach.

Travel and tourism jobs extend from countless interests. Whether you are looking for an entry-level job such as a waiter or intern or a managing position, you will have many opportunities.

Chefs And Cooks

There is always a constant need of chefs in top restaurants and hotels. From positions such as head cook to chef apprentice, no matter what level you are at, you will be able to find a job. Adelaide is famous for its food hub, the Adelaide Central Market that focuses on fresh produce. This reflects on their choice of cooks as well to focus on organic and healthy produce.


From wine centres to hotels, there is currently a high need for managers in Adelaide. Most of the roles require some experience as you will be necessary to manage and run top-level companies. There are also many assistant manager positions open to those who many not have as much experience.

Short-Term Jobs

Other jobs that you may be able to find include being a tour guide, travel sales consultants, front desk staff, and waiting staff. These options are great for travellers on a temporary visa who are searching for seasonal or short-term work.