Travel and Tourism Jobs in Sydney

Travel and Tourism Jobs in Sydney. There are plenty of travel and tourism jobs available in Sydney regardless of what experience you may have. Sydney’s tourist industry is booming, and there will always be many jobs available for you to apply. At the same time, they can be competitive, so it is important to take each application seriously. Below are a few ideas for you to get started.


Whether you choose from a high-end hotel to a backpacker’s hostel, help is needed. Depending on your personality and strengths, you can work as different roles including cleaning staff, receptionist, or for the front desk. There are plenty of options available also in relation to your commitments from a summer job to a long-term position. Explore your options and see what catches your eye.

Food & Beverage

Not only will you be able to find food and beverage options at the hotel, but you can also apply for jobs at restaurants and bars. Most places will want you to have prior experience. However, it is not required. A good rule is to go straight to the restaurant that you would like to work at, and talk to the manager there. Taking the initiative and presenting yourself there will show that you are serious about an immediate position.


There are also a wide variety of managing jobs available in the travel and tourism industry. From managing venues, functions, to restaurants, to tourist companies, there is a broad range of choices that can fit your interests and needs.

You will not have trouble finding a job in the travel and tourism industry once you get to Sydney. Even with minimal skills and experience, there are options available for everyone!

Travel and Tourism Jobs in Sydney

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