Trade skills needed in Australia

If you are intending to migrate to Australia through the general skilled migration categories, you will need to be nominated for an occupation that is in the skilled occupation list at the time of application. For a valid application, you will need to be assessed by a relevant assessing authority. Some of the trade skills with high demand include electrician, plumbers, carpenter, welders, and bricklayers.

Trade skills needed in Australia

Qualifications and experience

The TRA (Trades Recognition Australia) provides skills assessment for most of the trade skills that people apply to migrate to Australia. You will be required to pass a formal trade test through a government-approved body. A trade diploma or a certificate must be supplied and you should have a relevant formal apprenticeship of not less than three years. You will need to provide evidence that an apprenticeship contract existed between you and an employer and a copy of this contract will need to be submitted.

Trade skills needed in Australia

The process of getting approved

If you are looking for skilled migration, you should have been in paid employment for a closely related trade for at least 12 months out of the 18 months prior to applying for a visa.

Trade skills needed in Australia

Jobs in the skilled trade

According to the labor market analysis of skilled occupations, the following shortages existed for the mentioned occupations in 2017/2018

Electrician NS S NS S NS S S S S
Plumbers S S MD NS NS S D S S
Carpenter S S D D NS D S S S
Bricklayers NS S NS S NS S S S S


NS          –    No Shortage

S              –    Shortage

MD         –    Recruitment difficulty in metropolitan areas

CNR       –    Cannot rate


Trade skills needed in Australia

Regional skills visa

Regional skilled (Provisional) visa is a temporary visa that is ideal for workers looking to live and work in Australia. You will be allowed to bring your family and you can to apply for skilled regional (Permanent) visa afterward.

Trade skills needed in Australia

permanent residency

If you are applying for permanent residency through a skilled visa, it could take about three months. Permanent residents can apply for citizenship in Australia after living there for four years.

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