Perth attracts new migrants with its strong economy, good lifestyle, beautiful environment, and numerous career options. The city’s booming businesses and Australian government assistance make it a perfect place to start a new life in a dynamic and friendly environment. Starting a new life anywhere in Australia can be a big change, especially when you have a young family or teenagers. One of the most important decisions you want to make is where you’re going to live. Here are the Top Ten Perth Suburbs for New Migrants.

Top Ten Perth Suburbs for New Migrants


A young family can take advantage of the beach setting in Cottesloe. Fabulously conserved, you can go running, cycling or walk the dog the entire length of the beach, or just enjoy sitting on the golden sands every weekend with Perth CBD a mere few minutes away on the train. Due to the location and lifestyle, houses don’t come cheap, but you do pay for the high quality.

South Perth

You can find many 3 and 4 bedroom homes in South Perth away from the Swan River. A nice 2km away from the CBD, you’re surrounded by parkland, leafy roads and close proximity to Perth Zoo, but can take the ferry to get into the city within five minutes.

Mount Hawthorn

Tree-lined streets, great shopping and self-contained from the city centre with a 10-minute train ride, Mount Hawthorn is a desirable place to live for families. The schools and parks are great for kids, but there’s also enough cafes, pubs and live music venues for the grown ups. Expect period homes and townhouses ranging from affordable to expensive.

Top Ten Perth Suburbs for New Migrants: Subiaco

Despite being just off from the city centre, Subiaco is a great place to live as long as you have the money to do it. Think designer shopping, gourmet restaurants and large period homes, but also take in mind that the local primary school hosts the weekly farmer’s market, so there’s a great local community feel too.


Houses in Applecross are lucky to have river views, and as a result prices can be high, but not as high as more inner city locations. Leafy streets, good schools and a good distance from the city, it’s an ideal suburb to raise children.


Joondalup is a thriving Perth suburb in the city’s northern suburbs. A strong sense of community and first-rate facilities have made it famous. Several educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and retail establishments are located in the area, including Joondalup Health Campus, ECU Joondalup Campus, and Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City. Joondalup is a great place for new migrants to settle since it has a variety of housing alternatives.


Murdoch is well-known for being one of the top suburbs in Perth, thanks to its many great features. Perth City Central, The Boulevard, and Yugo are a few of the top student housing options in the area. You can appreciate the cultural wealth at tourist sites like the Bell Tower and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. 

Canning Vale 

Some of Perth’s most recent immigrants have settled in Canning Vale, a long-established suburb. There is a strong sense of community and a diversified population in the neighbourhood. Canning Vale provides a variety of housing alternatives, including contemporary flats and family houses, to meet the demands of various migrant groups. Schools, parks, commercial malls, and public transportation are all conveniently located in the area.

Victoria Park 

Just east of Perth’s CBD is the multicultural and vibrant neighbourhood of Victoria Park. Its cafes and restaurants provide a wide variety of different cuisines. And the environment is lively and exciting. Victoria Park is a great place for newcomers to settle since it has inexpensive housing choices. It’s also handy for public transit and is near the city.

City Beach 

City Beach, an attractive section of Perth, is notable for a number of reasons. Famous for being one of the nicest and safest neighbourhoods in Perth, it’s a popular choice for those looking for a beachfront home. An additional element of allure to this seaside sanctuary is the vicinity of well-known tourist destinations like Odysseus and the Hamptons.