Top 5 Reasons to Move to Australia

When it comes to moving overseas for work, Australia is one of the most sought after destinations amongst English speaking countries. Indeed, the idea of getting away from it all and emigrating to Australia does seem like an attractive one. But why precisely is that? We decided to break down the top 5 reasons why you’d want to to move to Australia.


The Australian economy has seen continual growth over the past 30 years. Job opportunities are plentiful whilst unemployment is relatively low. Australia is also famous for having the highest minimum wage in the world.


Whether you are planning to buy or rent property in Australia, there are plenty of affordable options available. Perth in Western Australia is a property hotspot for expatriates and was actually voted the fifth best city in the world to live in according to a 2009 survey by the Economist.


The famous Australian lifestyle has surely got to be one of the key factors that draws immigrants. Known for being very laid-back whilst at the same time enthusiastic and friendly, Australians are very welcoming. Boasting an open-minded, multi-cultural society, Australia is ideal for anyone seeking a better quality of life.


One of the major factors that comes into consideration when contemplating moving abroad is definitely the climate. Those moving from countries where cold and rainy weather is often prevalent will delight in Australia’s warm climate. Al fresco dining, sporting events and other social gatherings are encouraged by the great weather.


The stunning, unspoiled natural beauty of Australia cannot go unmentioned in a list of reasons to move to Australia. Gorgeous golden sandy beaches are the major draw but there is much more to explore including beautiful national parks and fascinating world heritage areas.