Student Visa Snippet

If your aim is to study in Australia and then become Australian then read on.

Skilled visas lists change constantly some stay for years some are here for a short period and you may be studying the wrong subject and skills needed in Australia.

No one can guarantee what will be in the skills list but it may help you to maximize your chances of becoming an Australian if you get expert advice from a migration agent in Perth.

International Student did you know list

  1. Did you know you can bring you spouse to Australian student visa?
  2. Did you know you can only work 20 hours a week as an International Student?
  3. Did you know Perth in Western Australia is one of the most liveable cities in the world?
  4. Did you know you need health insurance in Australia if you are an international student?
  5. Did you know that Perth in Western Australia has world class Universities?
  6. Did you know Perth has affordable housing?
  7. Did you know Perth has subsidized transport?
  8. Did you know Perth is a multicultural city, with churches, temples, mosques and freedom of religion.

This is why you need to speak to our student migration agent in Perth