Things to Remember When Choosing a Migration Agent in Perth: Before you take any advise, be sure the advisor is a licenced migration agent. For the agent’s registration number and the address of the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority, you may inquire with them directly.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Migration Agent in Perth

  • Verify with the office that all of the information is accurate and that the advisor is a licensed migration professional before you take their guidance.
  • In Australia, providing immigration aid is only permitted if done via a licensed migration agency.
  • The migration agent is there to help with all the paperwork involved in applying for a visa.
  • You may get guidance on your application and any other visa-related issues from the migration agency.
  • An agent should be your representative in any proceedings involving the migration case before a review board or court.
  • You should submit your application to the migration agency.
  • As your application moves along, the Migration agent should keep an eye on it.
  • If there are any problems delaying your visa, the migration department should let you know.
  • Before you choose a migration agency, be sure they specialize in the visa you need.
  • Gather a ballpark figure by contacting many migration agents. It might be twice as expensive to hire a large migration legal firm.
  • In general use your common sense, a Migration agent just out of college may not have the practical experience in terms of your requirements.

Spousal visa

The application procedure for a spouse visa to enter Australia is rather costly.

The typical duration of the treatment is twelve to fifteen months. The new cost of migrating to Australia to marry someone is $4,627 as of January 1.There has been a $7000 increase in the cost of onshore permanent partner visas.

On top of that, there’s the migration agent price, which may range from AU3000 to 4500. Before you choose one, do your research on the agency, the government fee, and the exact amount you’ll pay for the service.