migrate to PerthThings New Migrants Don’t know about Australia

So you’ve made your mind up, the UK just isn’t cutting it anymore in among the Brexit chaos, extortionate London house prices, frozen salaries and more it’s time to make a change.

Many feel that Australia holds the key when it comes to switching up a dissatisfying existence – great jobs, great education, sunny weather and a laid back lifestyle… Now who doesn’t want that?

Australian Weather

You need to choose your city carefully when it comes to the weather. If you enjoy hot weather then cities such as Brisbane and Perth will float your boat. (Speak to a Perth Migration Agent to find out more) But travel to Sydney or Melbourne and you may face the occasion chilly day and in Melbourne – you may even think you’re back in blighty on a cold winter’s day.

Australian Lifestyle

You may think surfs up all the time, but there’s more to Australia than the beach bum lifestyle. Did you know that Australia actually has snow capped mountains – in fact, they’re even called the Snowy Mountains. Straddling New South Wales and Victoria you’ll also find Thredbo, so that annual ski holiday is not something you have to leave behind in Europe!

Salaries in Australia

The salaries are good, but like most places it’s all relative. To get the most bang for your buck you’ll want to choose a busy suburb rather than the CBD.

Australian Wildlife

Tigers in the Zoo

No big cats in Australia

 Believe it or not, there aren’t Kangaroos wandering around the shopping centres. Nor are there Koalas dangling from the lamp posts. In fact, you’ll only find koalas on the East Coast unless they’re adorning a West Coast Animal Park. The fauna is diverse however something you will find all over Australia are creepy crawlies in the form of snakes and spiders.

The 457 Visa Path Has Changed

In March 2018 the popular 457 visa for skilled migrants into Australia changed and was replaced with a Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 Visa. You can find out more about the TSS Subclass 482 Visas by speaking with a registered migration agent.

Why Migrants to Australia Prefer Perth over Sydney

When it comes to deciding on where to move to in Australia people will often think Australia’s best known city, Sydney, is the best place to move to.

Migrate to Sydney

Sydney has long been a right of passage to young travellers and backpackers alike, but when it comes to emigrating from London to Australia… you could find yourself running the same rat race you want to leave behind. Sydney is a stunning, cosmopolitan city which boasts stunning coastline, parks and all the shiny glass towers of any modern city.

However, with through all its popularity it has also become one of the most expensive cities to live in in the entire world ranking in at no 32 with Singapore coming in first place. But, domestically, Sydney is Australia’s most expensive capital city to live in within Australia.

Migrate to Perth

So, where does Perth feature? With its equally – if not more – cosmopolitan city, Perth has all the shiny mod cons of a capital city. It also boasts miles of golden coastline, fantastic job opportunities and sits on the list as Australia’s most expensive cities to live it at a no. 5. Not bad eh?

Perth, despite its fifth position has a fairly affordable lifestyle and is surrounded by family friendly suburbs, great higher education and great lifestyle. Did we mention Perth has great job opportunities? Its main economy is driven by financial services (41% according to www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au), followed by construction. This could mean great things for skilled migrants wanting to live and work in Perth.

So, despite being the world’s most isolated city, Perth’s certainly got it going on in the attractive migrant destination stakes.

If you are considering emigrating to Australia, speak to a Perth Migration Agent to find out how to apply for a visa for Australia.

5 Stereotypes That Are True About Australia

Multi cultural Australia

Picturing Crocodile Dundee in his cork hat straddling a reptile and shouting “G’Day” might be your average impression that comes to mind when thinking about Australia. However, you may be disappointed to learn that you won’t really see Aussies wearing the signature cork hat and that there are a number of stereotypical “Aussisms” that outshine “G’Day” when it comes to the language.

Aussies Are Laid back

It’s not your imagination, the culture in Australia is laid back. A beer on the beach is always preferable when it comes to maxing and relaxing.

They Eat Kangaroos

Yes, you will find Kangaroo meat on the menu at some outback or “bush tucker” eateries, but you’ll also find normal things such as beef, chicken… and maybe some emu.

They’re All Beach Beautiful

Things New Migrants Don’t know about Australia

Cottesloe Beach in Perth

Yes, we’re afraid you will find a decent amount of Baywatch worthy bodies on the Aussie beaches as most natives enjoy an early morning dip in the ocean before work. You’ll also find plenty of surfers, windsurfers and cyclists. Due to the fantastic weather it’s a very outdoor lifestyle downunder, so you can make the most of it.

It’s Sunny Everyday

Although cities such as Perth and Brisbane and other northern cities have more sunshine than you can shake a stick at, down south you’ll find cooler winters with a few more rainy days. Although, you will experience more tropical weather conditions in the Northern Tropical areas with cyclones and heavy rainy seasons. As a country larger than Europe, you’ll want to do your research before deciding on where has the right weather for you.

How You Goin?

Possibly more popular than the aforementioned G’day, you’ll find more people asking you “How You Goin?” than casually snarling G’day to you in an Aussie twang. You’ll also find that “o” is added on to most words.


Want to check out the stereotypes for yourself? Speak to a registered migration agent about how you can apply for a visa for Australia.