Shipping over



Shipping to Australia

Take the time to carefully plan your move to Australia will not only make your transition from one country to another as seamless as possible but it will also eliminate a lot of stress and potential inconvenience. Here’s our top points that you should consider before your big move – and be sure to allocate plenty of time to each item to ensure that there is no last minute rush!

Passport and Visa

Ensure you and your family are in possession of valid passports as well as the necessary visas. Allow several months for this to accommodate any delays you may encounter with the visa application process.

Preparing to Go

After purchasing tickets, it’s worth organising travel and health insurance. If need be, you should also look at getting an international driving license organised. You and your family should undertake medical and dental examinations and you should also obtain copies of documents with details and proof of your insurance cover. If you rent your current residence, don’t forget to give your landlord or letting agency notice of your intention to terminate the lease.

Last But Not Least

Leave plenty of time to give advanced notice of cancellation on electricity and gas as well as your Internet and telephone contracts. Be sure to pass on your new address in Australia to all your friends and family and also arrange to have your mail redirected via the Post Office. Moving to a new country is a good opportunity to have a clear out which means you can unburden yourself by selling or giving away any items you do not intend to take with you.

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