Australia’s borders are temporarily closed, and international travel from Australia is mostly restricted to prevent the spread of COVID-19. International travel from Australia is only permitted if you are exempt or have been given an individual exemption.

Travel restrictions may be altered as a result of the events surrounding COVID-19. You can keep up to speed with the new updates by visiting the Department of Home Affairs’ website regularly. The Transiting Australia webpage has more information about transiting through Australia.

Updated Travel Exemptions to Leave Australia

Travel Exemptions for Australians Who Normally Live OverseaS

Australian citizens or permanent residents who reside overseas regularly will no longer be automatically excluded from Australia’s international travel restrictions as of August 11, 2021. You are still free to leave Australia. However, you must request an exception and show your ties to the country where you normally reside. 

Compassionate and compelling reasons to travel

If you want to travel for compassionate and compelling reasons, the Commissioner of the Australian Border Force may exempt you. Compassionate and compelling reasons for travel include, but are not limited to, the need to travel after the loss or serious illness of a close family member.

  • Before you go, you must obtain a visa and be exempt from Australia’s travel restrictions.
  • This update aligns the criteria for travel exemptions with those for other Australians, ensuring that the system is equitable for everyone.

The Latest Updates on Travel Exemptions to Leave and Enter Australia

The Transitional Period Until September 7, 2021

Green and red zones have been established at Australian airports to separate passengers arriving on quarantine-free flights (green zone) from other passengers who need to undergo a 14-day compulsory quarantine (red zone).

If you are transiting Australia for 72 hours or less, you are automatically free from Australia’s travel restrictions (and do not need to seek one).

Suppose you arrive at an Australian airport without an exemption until September 7. In that case, you will be permitted to fly if an Australian Border Force officer can verify your status as an ordinary resident abroad at the time of departure. For any future travel, you must request an exemption in advance via the travel exemption site.

Updated Travel Exemptions to Enter Australia 

Requests for Travel Exemptions from India

According to current health advice, travel restrictions from India to Australia have been reinstated. Individuals seeking a travel exemption to travel from India to Australia may apply via the travel exemption site.

Exemption Requests for Escorting Children Who are Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents

People accompanying Australian residents or permanent resident minors to Australia may be given travel exemptions. And this is to guarantee the child’s or children’s safety and well-being while traveling.

Travel exclusions for this category are often granted under the following conditions:

  • In most cases, one guardian will be authorized for each child under the age of two.
  • For multiple children above two, only one guardian from the same family group will usually be authorized.
  • If medical advice and proof are given, additional guardians may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Holders of Temporary Visas

Temporary visa holders in Australia are free to leave at any moment. They will not, however, be allowed to return.

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