Ten things to do in Mandurah

An hour’s drive away from Perth lies the vibrant city of Mandurah where frolics of dolphins, an abundance of wildlife, watersports, quaint wineries and striking sunsets on the beach beckon visitors to linger awhile and savor life. Here are ten interesting things to do in Mandurah.

Enjoy watersports

You can opt to Jet Ski or jet board along the Peel-Harvey estuary or kayak or canoe across the Murray River. The salty depths surrounding Mandurah too invites visitors to try out water sports such as Open Ocean jet skiing.
Cruise along the Harvey Estuary and the peel inlet
Go on a cruise along the smooth waters of the Peel-Harvey estuary to catch glimpses of wildlife along the shores. In summer months you can anchor down to find some river prawns or look for blue swimmer crabs. If you are lucky, you will see dolphins trailing your boat.

Visit Dolphin Quay

Mandurah is renowned for its dolphin population. Get aboard a cruise to watch the playful antics of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, these Dolphins often give birth in this area. Most cruises offer 1-hour tours which include opportunities to witness birdlife in the wetlands as well as cultural sites and see the fantastic villas alone the canals.
Camp near the Murray River
Ideal for fishing for bream as well as the small tailor fish and blue crabs, the Murray River flanks numerous camping sites. You can set up your own tent in a forest park or even choose an overnight camping tour with a local guide. In the summer the river is refreshing, and many people enjoy a dip to cool off.

Visit the Serpentine National Park

You can go on nature trails within the park’s forest and visit the Serpentine Falls to bask in its emerald glory and enjoy a picnic as Kangaroos watch you from the bushes. Please do not feed the wildlife.

Visit the Yalgorup National Park

The beautiful lakes of the Yalgorup National Park provide a haven for migratory waterbirds and a safe home for many threatened flora and fauna. The principal attraction of the park, however, is the thrombolites of the Lake Clifton. What are thrombolites? Ancient rocks with bacteria living on them.

Cycle along the Munda Biddi Trail

Munda Biddi is a phrase from the local Aboriginal language that translates as ‘the path through the forest.’ This trail will take you along a winding path through picturesque forests and bushland.


The Peel wine region lives up to its reputation for fine wine. Spend an indulgent evening of wine tasting and observing the unique art of winemaking.

visit Peel

Get a taste of the Mandurah Boardwalk

Mandurah Boardwalk is a delightful mélange of bars, restaurants, theatre, places to stay and even chocolatiers. You can enjoy a day of happy shopping, entertainment and eating with your whole family in this area.
Catch a sunset
Book a table at a restaurant in Dolphin Quay to end your Mandurah holiday with a spectacular sunset. Tuck into a seafood dish as you take sips of your favorite beverage and soak up the deep colors of the setting sun.