Ideal Suburb

Wembley is located to the west of Perth, Western Australia. It is located within the town of Cambridge. 

Medium-density Suburb

Wembley is a medium density upper middle class suburb. You can expect a lot of people who are friendly in the neighbourhood. The suburb is peaceful and quiet and is an ideal place if you are looking to Migrate to Western Australia.


Wembley is the home of Lake Monger Primary, Bold Park community school, Speech and hearing centre, and Wembley Primary school. The schools located in Wembley provide high-quality education and help achieve a child’s career aspirations. 

A Beautiful and Peaceful Neighbourhood

Wembley is located next to two beautiful lakes and the beach. The streets of the suburb are tree-lined and is a peaceful neighbourhood. 

Leafy Green Suburb

The suburb is leafy and green. The suburb is peaceful and kept clean. The surrounding area elegant and ideal for anyone looking for a relaxed and quiet environment. 

A Location for All

It is a safe suburb where mostly families, professionals, and older couples live. It is a true neighbourhood where you will meet plenty of people who are young and old. 

Close to Amenities

Wembley is very close to Leederville and Subiaco which are famous for restaurants, entertainment, and boutique shops. It is close to all amenities. 


The suburb is quiet and there is a minimum amount of traffic. There is adequate public transport and easy to get to the city. So it is a location which is ideal for relaxing after a busy day of work in the city. 

Ideal Accommodation

There are many opportunities to renovate or do a rebuild of a home. The properties are cost-effective and provide great value for money when compared with properties in the city of Perth.