A Great Place

The people who live in South Perth love it very much. There are contemporary urban designs, leafy residential street, cafes, restaurants, and thriving shopping locations in the City. The scenically beautiful and spectacular location can be accessed from Perth’s Central Business District in just a few minutes. 

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

The parks, natural wetlands, reserves, and the banks of the Swan River offer endless options for those who want to be outdoors. The city also offers great food, café cultures, and boutique shops if you are not the outdoor type. 

Gardens and Parks

A quarter of the land of the City has been classified as gardens and parks. The City of South Perth is famous for its wide-open spaces and leafy green parks. The reserves and parks of the City enable the community to have an enjoyable time outdoors.

Leisure and Recreation

The city offers a variety of leisure and recreational activities. Cycling, recreation centres, skate parks, aquatic centres, sports clubs, parks, reserves, and many more location allows everyone to enjoy themselves. 

Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo is located only five minutes away from the Central Business District. Perth Zoo is the home of many plants and animals from around the globe. Going for a bushwalk will reveal emus, koalas, kangaroos, quokkas and Simmo, a large crocodile. 

The Old Mill

One of South Perth’s best-known landmarks of the Old Mill. It has now ceased production and is used as a wine saloon, a hotel, a residence, and a poultry farm. 

Ideal Location for Everyone

South Perth is an ideal location for a young couple, parents, and the elderly. Easy access to transport is available and the Central Business District can be accessed easily by car or by train. 

Variety of Cuisine

South Perth is situated beside the southern part of the Swan River. The city is well equipped with a variety of cuisines and offers impressive education and schooling. 

Quiet and Affordable

South Perth is a beautiful and vibrant suburb of Perth. Although it is very close to the city, many streets are quiet. Although houses may be expensive older townhouses and units can be affordable.