Marine Playground of Perth

One of the biggest challenges in migrating to Australia is finding the right suburb in Perth to migrate. Rockingham is located about 45 minutes south of Perth. It is considered the marine playground of Perth as well. 

Safe Beaches

Rockingham is an ideal location to migrate for people who prefer an active lifestyle and love the ocean. Rockingham is a great place to live as it is surrounded by safe and amazing beaches and offers a variety of water sports. The parks in these locations are untouched and left alone.

Great Places to Visit

Rockingham is very close to the waters of Cockburn Sound. The area is filled with natural beauty with Seal and Penguin Island located off the coast. Rockingham is the place for the nature lover and for those who care about the environment. 

For the Family

After moving to Rockingham, Shoalwater Islands Marine Park will be part of your family. It is an amazing place with the world’s best wildlife and birdlife. It will surely be a fascinating place for all ages.  


Wild dolphins can be found off the coast of Rockingham. With the west coast dive part practically at the doorstep, Scuba diving will get you up and close with these majestic creatures. 


Rockingham comprises of excellent amenities within easy reach.  There are many restaurants and entertainment facilities. The foreshore is a popular hangout in Rockingham. The Peel Estate winery also offers a variety of wines to taste and drink. 


Rockingham has ample hiking trails, walkways, and pathways. There are excellent locations inland to explore and drives along the coast to view the stunning beauty. Rocking is the place to be if you are looking for a place to fish and for some golfing action. 


There are many places with a view of the sea and others more inland. When compared with property in Perth, properties in Rocking are more affordable. 

Get Adventurous

Rockingham is filled with adventures which include snorkeling, SUP, Kitesurfing, jetpacking, and waterboarding. Land on the beach after a sky dive over the Shoalwater Island Marine Park.

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