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Perth Most Liveable City for New Migrants

There are many reasons to live and work in Perth. In recent years it was ranked 7th in the list of most liveable cities in the world according to The Economist. 


Perth experiences the Mediterranean climate and experiences the sun most of the time. It will be very easy to get out of bed and go to work in a sunny climate rather than a cold one. 

Perth Cost of Living for Migrants

Perth is considered more affordable than living in Australian cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney. It is a great time to buy a property in Perth and you will get great value for money when compared with other Australian major cities. 

Great Salaries in local industry for New Migrant to Perth

Perth offers great salaries in many industries. Staff usually get a competitive salary to retain and attract staff.

Perth Lifestyle for new Immigrants

Perth offers a relaxed lifestyle because it is located close to the coast and has a great climate. The people of Perth are open and friendly. You will find people walking on the coast, socializing outside, hanging out in the beach and going for BBQ and picnics. 

Dining in Multi Cultural Perth

Perth is a great destination for food. There are restaurants and niche cafes that offer a variety of cuisine,

Development and growth in Tourism

Perth has become a very liveable city while attracting tourists. Perth also boasts of having two of the worlds, 6-star hotels. 

Job Opportunities in Perth for new Migrants

Development and construction bring new employment opportunities in a variety of sectors. The job market has many vacancies and the unemployment rate has seen a decrease in recent years.

Commuting around Perth

Some fewer people travel and battle trough the morning to get to work. It offers a less hostile and more comfortable journey. The Perth trains are clean and quiet as well. 

Flights to and From Perth

Perth is an isolated city. A short flight of 3 hours can get you to Bali in Asia. Perth is also the closest Australian City to London.