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Fremantle Popular Destination

Fremantle is a popular tourist destination that is well known for its largest convict-built prison in Australia and its maritime history. It is also well known for supporting local, national and international artists. Fremantle is a must-visit destination for tourists with a variety of choices for day or night outs. 

Fremantle Travel

Fremantle is located south of the City of Perth. Fremantle is just a 30 minute drive by car from Perth along the Stirling Highway. The Swan River cruise starts from Barrack Street Jetty and slowly reaches Fremantle port. Fremantle can be reached by train in 30 minutes from the City of Perth. Line 910 buses starting from Perth will reach Fremantle in less than an hour’s time. 

Fremantle Accommodations and Homes

Fremantle has a mixture of character and design. There are big yards, large houses, and compact apartments. Whether you are looking for a riverside, coastal, or a cozy suburb, Fremantle has it all. 

Fremantle Shopping

Fremantle is an old but established area. Shopping is convenient with delightful facilities at the renowned Fremantle markets and street shopping areas. 

Variety of Food to Taste

Fremantle is a great place to eat out with a variety of cuisine in the beautiful street surroundings. 

Employment Fremantle

The working environment in Fremantle is friendly and boutique style. Marine, educational, hospitality and medical jobs are well represented within the city. 

Fremantle City Art

Fremantle has a good range of activities and institutions when it comes to art. The Arts Centre in Fremantle holds events, exhibitions, and classes daily. 

Education in Fremantle

Fremantle offers high-quality education from primary school to university level. A child can be guaranteed to achieve career aspirations of choice at Fremantle. 

Fremantle Events

Fremantle is a city filled with arts, music festivals, street performances and many more. These events happen regularly and are done by creative, active people who entertain and provide though-provoking experiences. 

Fremantle A Destination for All

Fremantle is the destination for international tourists and day-trippers. They arrive by land and through ship cruises to stop at the port of Fremantle.