A Great Suburb

Canning Vale is a suburb of Perth. It is located 16 km to the south of Perth’s Central Business District. The city of canning and the city of Gosnells are its local government areas. 


Canning Vale is linked to Perth’s Central Business District by a range of buses. Buses are also available to Cannington and Murdoch University. Bus services connect with Trans Perth trains to Maddington, Murdoch, and Thornlie stations. 

Residential and Industrial Locations

There are five retail precincts in Canning vale. Four of them are located in a residential area. An industrial area is located to the northwest of the city. 


There are five primary schools in Canning Vale. They are Canning Vale primary school, Ranford primary school, Campbell primary school, Caladenia primary school, and Excelsior Primary school. 

Golf Courses and Clubs

Canning Vale has two golf courses. Canning Vale country Club and Gosnells Golf Club provide golfers with a time to relax and enjoy. 


Livingston Marketplace which is the main shopping center of the suburb is located at the corner of Nicholson Road and Ranford Road. The Vale is situated on the corner of Amherst Road and Warton Road. 

Close and Easy to Reach

Canning Vale is close to shops, schools, airports, Fremantle and Perth. It is a friendly neighborhood with great local eateries. 

Affordable and Excellent Value for Money

Canning Vale has affordable real estates. It also has beautiful parks and lakes and is scenic and safe. Buying a house in Canning Vale will give you excellent value for money. 

Great Location for All

The streets are clean and well maintained and the houses are also well presented and maintained. It is an ideal location for professionals and families. The residents are income earners of the middle and upper classes. 

Friendly and Pleasant Neighborhood

The public parks and infrastructure are well maintained by the council. The neighbors are friendly and the culture is pleasant.