Ten reasons to migrate to Australia and New Zealand.

Both countries need Healthcare professional and demand is set to grow as the population in both countries is aging, the older population is putting a massive strain on medical resources.

Ten health care jobs

Nurses can earn $100k per hear
Theatre nurses even more
Metal healthcare professional
Dental nurses

Skills Shortage

These are just some of the healthcare jobs for which there is a shortage in Australia and New Zealand.
So get In touch with us, and we will introduce you to a professional Migration agent who can advise you on the best way to begin your migration journey to Australia or New Zealand.
Some right-wing Australian regards New Zealand as a back door to enter Australia as it has a softer migration policy. However, this is not true as many migrants head to New Zealand to make it their permanent home.
It a different climate and many who do not like hot, arid climates prefer the cold weather in New Zealand, lifestyles are similar, with excellent transport infrastructure, health care, and education.

Study  visas

Both Australia and New Zealand are a great destination for students. However be careful which course you take if you aim to stay on a live her ecting a degree or trade. For example, if you decide to study a nursing course in Australia, it’s likely that you will get a nursing course when you qualify. The reason is the growing care for health care.
Some skills may not be redundant at some point in the future, for example, the demand for trade’s people in WA has declined since the infrastructure project in the mining industry have been completed. Therefore getting qualified as a carpenter may not mean there will be work and visas available on completion of your course.
The point is if you invest in a course then be sure to get advice, so you study a skill Australia has a long-term shortage. The best person to advise you on these matters is a registered migration agent.