Ten reasons for migrants to live, work and play in Fremantle.

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Multi Cultural

Since it’s early beginning the Fremantle area been populated by people from all over the world. Fremantle has English, Italians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Eastern Europeans, Africans, you name a country, and you will find someone from there living in Fremantle.

Ten reasons for migrants to live, work and play in Fremantle.

1) From large houses with big yards to compact apartments. There is a colorful mixture of design and character throughout the area. Coastal, Riverside, cozy suburb, whatever situation you preference it is likely to be available in the Fremantle area.

2) As an older established area, there is convenient local shopping also the old town center with delightful facilities like the famous Fremantle markets and a plethora of specialist street shopping.

3) Fremantle offers a broad range of services. Fremantle has it’s own migrant center which provides a variety of useful programs and groups. Many years have honed these services, many local volunteers adding their helpful input.

4) Fremantle is an excellent transport hub which sports reliable and effective bus and train options. the central zone has it’s own free loop system which is similar to that in the central Perth city area

5) Eating out with a beautiful selection of cuisine within the picturesque streets.

6) Working in Fremantle is enviable because of its friendly boutique style environment. It is neither a cold, impersonal city or a sparse monoculture. many fields are well represented, education medical, marine and hospitality, to name a few

7) The arts are bold and loud with a good range of institutions and activities. The Fremantle Arts center has, on a daily basis, events, exhibitions, and classes.

8) From primary schools to university Fremantle has varied high-quality education options within its boundaries.

9). It is a city of festivals, music, arts, history, street performance and more, there is a regular supply. Fremantle has many active, creative people who conspire to provide entertainment and thought-provoking experiences

10) The people of Fremantle are used to the coming and going of people, from the International tourist visiting from Perth or day trippers from the many cruise ships that stop at the port of Fremantle.