Temporary Partner Visa Partner Visa Perth WA Subclass 820: This article will provide you with a general outline of the information you need to apply for a subclass 820 temporary partner visa.

The category 820 visa is available to those who are married to or in a committed relationship with a citizen of New Zealand or Australia. But you can’t acquire a visa without a sponsor in Australia. If approved, you and your partner from Australia will be able to stay for a short while.

Temporary Partner Visa Partner Visa Perth WA Subclass 820 : The Process

There are two stages to the application process, and they are as follows:

  • Joint applications are required for subclass 820 and 801 visas. Keep in mind that the 801 visa is a kind of permanent resident visa.
  • After two years have elapsed from the date of application, you must still provide Immigration with evidence that you continue to meet the requirements for the visa. You should consider whether you are married or in a de facto relationship with your Australian partner since this would greatly impact your situation.

Only after you submit your first application (in step 1) will your eligibility for the subclass 820 visa be considered. After the two-year period after the application’s lodgement has passed, the Department will assess your eligibility for a category 801 permanent residence visa.

What is the process for long-term relationships?

Additionally, there are cases when your application will need a single step. Requesting and obtaining a subclass 801 permanent residence visa is the first stage in this procedure.

A longer history of cooperation between you and your Australian sponsored partner raises the probability of such an occurrence. Where this definition is concerned, “long-term” must mean:

Three years—or two years if the couple is supporting a dependent child—is the recommended minimum.

What can you do with a Subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa?

  • Working, studying, and living in Australia is possible while your permanent partner visa is being processed.
  • There is no restriction to the amount of times you may travel to and from Australia.
  • Take advantage of the Adult Migrant English Program’s no-cost English classes if you qualify.
  • Enroll in Medicare, the national health insurance program of Australia.

Benefits of the Subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa

Subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa holders are eligible for a variety of incentives, such as:

  • A temporary right to live, work, and study in Australia.
  • Being able to use the Medicare program to get access to the Australian healthcare system.
  • You may apply for a permanent partner visa when you’re a resident of Australia.
  • Visa applications must include dependant children of the applicant.

For those who are eligible, this visa option offers a number of advantages that will last a lifetime.

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