Sydney Vs Melbourne

Both Sydney and Melbourne are two of Australia’s greatest cities. Australia is an attractive destination both for travelling destinations and relocation, but sometimes people are unsure where the best places to go are.

Here we will help by pointing out the positive aspects of both and you can make up your own mind in Sydney Vs Melbourne.

Why Sydney?

Sydney has the sun. Compared with Melbourne it boasts twice as many days that the sun is shining, which is a bonus for all the sun worshippers out there, however is does also have more rain too. Set along the beautiful New South Wales coastline, Sydney has beautiful beaches and has great hang outs in coffee shops and bars. Sydney also has more award winning restuarants than it’s rival city now too. Sydney is certainly a city of surfers and beach lovers, however there is plenty of other culture to be found there too.

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne is known more for the arts scene and hipster lifestyle. It has been deemed an affordable city to live in with excellent public transport and plenty of cycle routes. It has a bustling live music scene and is the host to numerous popular music festivals. It still has great weather, just not as much as Sydney, but as has been mentioned it sees a lot less rain fall.

When deciding Sydney Vs Melbourne, bear in mind that both cities have lots to offer in the way of festivals, arts, sun and great food. Perhaps it is just a case of trying both and seeing which one you prefer.