Suburban over view in Perth and Metropolitan Perth

Prices have gone as low as they possible can for now and investors are moving in.

Inner Perth Suburbs

Suburbs like Wembley, Leaderville and Subiaco  close to Perth CBD are experiencing a pickup in rentals and also average house prices are up by 3 to 4%.

Outer southern Perth Suburbs

Out suburbs like Mandurah have seen an increase in jobs and also more activity in the housing market as buyers swoop in to pickup bargains.

Closer to Perth

Trendy Fremantle city is also experiencing price stability and an improving property market. Rentals are also moving although bargans are to be had..

Northern Perth Suburbs

Joondalup, is also experiencing a property market that has bottomed out, however visits per property are below Perth’s average.

Perth suburbs close to the Darling Range

Armadale has low prices and the property market continues to stagnate, with very low visits per property. It is expected that the property market will improve over the next two years as the suburban line in extended.

Mandurah Western Australia’s fastest growing city.