What to do when your Student Visa runs out

Is your student visa for Australia due to run out anytime soon? If it is, perhaps you are contemplating your options with regard to staying on in Australia permanently after your studies come to a close.

A popular route towards permanent residence is the Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visa. This is a temporary work visa, which will enable you to remain in Australia after you have finished your studies and your Student Visa has expired. This visa is ideal if you wish to remain in Australia for a little while. If your goal is permanent residence, the Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visa is the first step in the journey towards this destination.

To apply for the Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visa you must be have completed two years of study in Australia. The visa lasts from between 18 months to four years depending on your circumstances. The other main criteria for this visa are that the applicant must be under 50 years of age, and must be able to demonstrate fluent English language abilities.

If you wish to stay in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia after your student visa runs out, it’s worth your while finding the best migration agents in Sydney to assist with your application and provide you with invaluable advice to give you the best possible chance at remaining in the country after your student visa expires. For further details and to learn more on extending your stay after your student visa runs out, get in touch with us today.

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