Why is Perth in Western Australia the best destination for international students?

Perth is known is the Education city of Australia

Western Australia, in general, has earned a name around the globe as a destination for quality education and, as such, is designated as the “Education City” of Australia by many. Perth, the capital of Western Australia, in particular, has the most significant attraction from international students as it offers an encouraging atmosphere for many seeking to study abroad.
If you are a student on the lookout for an exciting opportunity to study abroad, then Perth may be your ideal destination.

Here is some useful information for people who are considering Perth as their study

Perth has five Universities

• The main reason is that Perth has five best universities that are at the forefront of providing internationally accepted qualifications to students in the areas of Science and Technology: Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, University of Notre Dame and the University of Western Australia.

Working in Perth

• Part-time work is allowed maximum up to 20 hours a week to those who are on student-visas to earn some extra money to cover their expenses. Also, ample opportunities are available to work part-time in different disciplines such as hospitality and housekeeping, administrations and retail.

Student Accommodation and the cost of living in Perth

• Accommodation close to the Universities is affordable in Perth, food is cheap, provided you take advantage of the many markets and cheap supermarkets and Asian food stores. Transport is also subsidized with free transportation in the inner city and certain suburbs like Fremantle
Perth, when compared to other cities in Australia, is cheaper to live in. Sydney and Melbourne being considered some of the most expensive Australian capital cities due to the high cost of accommodation.

Going out in Perth.

• Last but not least, the quality of entertainment is a important issue for the majority of the students all work and no play is not what students want. Students have nothing to worry about as many different options are available for the gregarious. Northbridge is the hub of entertainment in Perth, especially during summer. There are many pubs and restaurants in this district and a favorite haunt for students.
Many events take place each year in and around Perth, including musical shows, art exhibitions, and film festivals.
Students can gain many different experiences, come and live study and play in Perth.

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