Spousal Partner Married Visa for Sydney Australia: Congratulations on your decision to live your life in Australia with your Australian spouse. However, Sri Lankans may find the immigration procedure for their Australian spouse stressful and unclear. Yes. The spousal visa process is more than just a one- to two-day process. There are some crucial things to know regarding your visa application.

Spousal Partner Married Visa for Sydney, Australia: How Does It Work?

Your partner’s citizenship or permanent residency status in Australia or New Zealand is necessary for them to sponsor you. Not everyone may be your sponsor. For instance, if your partner has sponsored someone else during the last five years, that might be a red flag. One of the following must apply: marriage, engagement, registered registration, or de facto relationship.

Important factors

When you apply for a spousal visa, you must be able to legally marry and be outside of Australia.

  • Your fiancé must be a lawful permanent resident of Australia, an Australian citizen, or a citizen of New Zealand.
  • Your relationship must be real. You must also show that you want to marry your fiancé within nine months of getting your visa. Additionally, you must show that you intend to live with your partner as their husband.
  • You will need to show proof that you and your fiancé have met and are personally acquainted with each other. In addition, an approved wedding date from a recognized marriage authority, either in Australia or another country, is required.

What steps can we take to improve our success rate?

Because the spousal visa procedure is lengthy, you need to make sure you get it right the first time around. A professional migration agent in Australia may provide end-to-end assistance with the procedure.

Choose a migration agent that has a proven track record of getting the right visa for their clients.


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