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Requests for more skilled visas for regional areas in Australia have been announced.

Due to the recent 457 visa changes it is feared that the depleting skilled migrant stream may have a negative impact on regional areas in Australia’s economic growth due to the lack of work force.

Smaller cities in Australia are in need of larger populations to grow their economy and The Regional Australian Institute is reportedly asking the Australian Government to redistribute skilled migration to the smaller Australian cities and regional areas to boost their labourforce.

A paper was filed recently to the Australian Government asking them to devise a strategy to help regional areas suffering from a lack of labourforce and population declines.

The Regional Australian Institute

The Regional Australian Institute have asked for:

  • New strategies by the Government to find out which labour shortages exist in rural areas and prioritise them.
  • Between 2000-3000 skilled migrants to move to regional areas every year.
  • Incentives to attract migrant workers to live and work in Regional Australia such as reduced costs and attractive family options.

Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister is quoted as saying, “Migrants bring a willingness to work. They also bring a dedication to their employer. They often start small businesses and they really contribute mightily, not just to regional capitals such as Wagga Wagga, but indeed to the smaller towns around it, and that’s what I know this report is all about.”

The strategy doesn’t just call on regional cities, but also surrounding towns that are in desperate need of a population boost. However, there is some backlash amongst migrants who worry that they will have restricted movement imposed on them should they take the Regional Migration ticket to living and working Australia.

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It’s important to note the new skilled migration visa in place of the 457 visa. The new 482 short term and medium term visas are now in place. Should you wish to apply for a skilled visa for Australia it is worth consulting with a Registered Migration Agent who will be able to assist you with lodging your visa application.

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