Skilled LGBT Workers from India and Pakistan Welcomed in Australia: Australia is a safe haven for LGBT people and same-sex couples from all over the world, including Pakistan and India. Gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender people in Australia have full legal protections.

L G B T foreign spouse, fiance and partners

Migration to Australia may be possible for you if you are a same-sex partner, husband, fiancé, de fecto, or parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Citizens of Australia who identify as homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender shall have the same protections afforded to other citizens.

L G B T are treated with respect

Australian law guarantees equal rights and opportunities for all Australians, including transgender, bisexual, gay, and homosexual people.

Call us to discus your situation

To address your migration concerns, please call us. Our mission is to facilitate the coming together of LGBT individuals with their international partners and to assist the LGBT community in migrating to Australia as skilled visa holders.

Skilled workers wanted

If you are an LGBT person working as a nurse, carpenter, bricklayer, doctor, accountant, or any of the many other skilled registrants, give us a call, and we will assist you with settling in Australia.

Skilled LGBT Workers from India and Pakistan Welcomed in Australia: I am a certified migration agent in Australia who is LGBT friendly and who is here to assist any foreigner who want to make Australia their permanent home.

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