Skilled Jobs in Perth

Jobs Market busy in Perth

The job market in Perth is always busy if you have the right skills, just because there are less mining-related jobs around does not mean Perth lacks opportunities.

Growth in several sectors in Perth

There is growth in the Health, Agriculture, and Hospitality so visits the sills list for jobs in Perth and start the process to either stay in Australia or begin the migration process from the country you live in.

Better to be in Australia

There are a lot of people already in Australia with temporary work permits from many Western European countries, these people hold Temporary work visas. If they can get a sponsor then it’s likely they may be able to stay longer than 2 years and convert to permanent residency further down the road.

Working holiday visa holders are at an advantage

If you are not from a country that has a working holiday agreement with Australia, then you need to take note of this, most employers are more likely to employ people who are already in Australia.

Employers like to meet you face to face in Australia

The reasons for this are simple, an employer will prefer to see anyone they employ, an applicant who can attend an interview in Australia is more likely to get a job as this process is less costly and risky for an employer.

Check out media channels as well as recruitment companies

There are many publication and website you can visit to get more information on working and living and migrating to Australia.

immediate shortages

This month we are particularly in need of Nurses in Australia, there are jobs for several trades, carpenters, for example, there are many vacancies in hospitality, casual chefs, wait staff and kitchen stewards are good examples.

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