Skilled job needs in Western Australia

The Western Australian state has stated its requirements under two nomination streams which can be used by applicants. Apply for Skilled job needs in Western Australia.

General stream

If applicants are able to meet the minimum requirement as per state requirements and it is available in the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list, the applicant can be eligible for the intended visa subclass.

The graduate stream

If the applicants meet the minimum requirements according to state requirements or have additional requirements to the applicable stream and have an available occupation as on the Graduate occupation list, the applicant can be made eligible to the intended visa subclass.

Additional requirements will require the applicant to have gained higher education in Western Australia which include a two-year full-time study in a university in Western Australia.

Applicants with master’s and Ph.D. graduate have access to all the available occupations in the Graduate occupation list. Bachelor’s degree and higher degree holder will only be able to access some of the occupations in the Graduate occupation list. You can check the graduate occupation list to find occupations that you may be eligible for according to your qualification.

The university qualification that you gain from Western Australia does not need to determine the job you wish to be nominated for in the graduate occupation list for state nominations.

State nomination requirements for both streams.

You should meet the eligibility requirements of the department of home affairs for the intended visa subclass.

  • The skilled regional or provisional visa (Subclass 489)
  • The skilled nominated visa (Subclass 190)

English requirement

You will need to have the minimum English language requirement that is applicable for the occupation that you are nominating yourself into. If you have a passport from Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, or the United States of America, you will not be required to take the English exam to become eligible for the Western Australian State nomination.