We’re happy to provide some great information about potential pathways to Permanent Residence (PR). We know that you want to make your aspirations of permanent residence a reality. This can happen after 25 November 2023. Therefore, Subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa holders should start preparing for faster travel now.

Shorter PR Pathways for Employer-sponsored Visa Holders

Here are a few things you need to know about the streamlined PR procedures for sponsoring company employees. Employer-sponsored visa holders may move quickly and easily via these paths to permanent residence in Australia:

  • You may be eligible for Permanent Residency via the Subclass 186 Transition Stream if you have a Subclass 482 Visa. You can continuously work for the same company for two years. This is available to anyone with the 482 Visa in the Short-Term Stream.
  • However, it is unclear if those exempted from the age limit must wait three years before applying or if they may do so after two years. The extent to which age restrictions will shift is likewise not known.
  • As long as you are employed in the same position, you may apply for permanent residence. And this applies even if your profession is not on the Skilled Occupations List.

How will this benefit you? 

Shorter PR Pathways for Employer-sponsored Visa Holders: Streamlining the process for employer-sponsored visa holders to become permanent residents will return to the old manner. This is how things operated before the 2017-2018 visa reform. Thanks to this regulation, those holding a Subclass 482 Visa will feel more secure.

Whether Subclass 186 Direct Entry Visas may provide PR to Short Term Stream 482 visa holders is still being determined. At this time, we have yet to determine when they will be allowed to utilize this route. It’s worth noting that the Short Term Stream 482 Visa now allows its holders to begin the process of becoming permanent residents.