A Short Guide to Living in Perth

Are you looking to immigrate to Western Australia? If so, Perth will be among the main considerations when you are selecting a destination. As the capital of Western Australia, Perth is the fourth largest city in the county and has plenty to offer to both visitors and residents alike.A Short Guide to Living in Perth.

Those in search of a relaxed pace of life will find Perth more appealing than your average city. With easy access to scenic sandy beaches, Perth will definitely seem idyllic to those emigrating from colder climes. As well as warm summers, the city also benefits from cooler winters with lots of sun all year round.

Skilled workers are in demand with the Perth government and the Australian federal government proactive in seeking out a well-qualified migrant workforce. With such a high number of jobs available, Perth is less difficult to get a visa for when compared to other Australian cities. Whether you are seeking employment within the primary or tertiary sectors, Perth is among the Australian cities with the highest rate of economic growth.

Perth has a population of approximately 2  million with a diverse and interesting demographic mix. There are many migrants from both Europe and Asia who have settled in Perth with the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, Japan and India just a few of the countries from where these migrants have come from. Many Australian-born residents of Perth are descended from 19th Century British settlers whilst there are also those with Italian, Portuguese and Eastern European ancestry to name just a few.

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