Western Australia is an excellent place to find jobs in farming. It has an extremely large agricultural base, and employment is often available. Depending on the season, you will be able to find many opportunities to work in the field. If you are interested in management, the off season is also a great time to work.

The two main seasonal demands include seeding and harvest. The seeding season in Western Australia usually will begin during April and May and will go until June to July. It will vary depending on the rain season. The harvesting season will usually include the wheat crop and is during October and December.

Seeding usually begins as early as February. This is one of the times that there is a highest demand for employment as not as many people are available then. Most people will arrive during April as that is when the seeding season officially begins.

Specific jobs in seeding will include tractor operators for air seeders, spray boom operators, truck drivers, fertiliser spreading, farmhands, and cooks.

The harvesting season will begin in October and will usually be over by Christmas. Harvest positions will vary depending on the state and season. Most places will need people for swathing (windrowing), header and combine operators, truck operators, tractor operations for chaser bins, hay making, farmhands, and cooks.

Other rural and farming jobs that support the seeding and harvesting jobs include dairy farming and managers and overseers. Western Australia is famous for its wheat, barley, canola, oats, lupins, and peas.