Relocate From Canada To Australia

There are a few similarities when it comes to Australians and Canadians…they are both part of the Common Wealth, they both like to be outdoors, and they enjoy a good BBQ. Their sense of humour is also quite akin to one another.

Considering all of that, Australia is quite a comfortable place for Canadians to move to. Of course, one thing that definitely isn’t the same is the weather, so getting used to sunshine and lack of snow may be a shock to the old system!

There are a few things to consider if you are a Canadian moving to Australia:

You will have warm Christmas’ and hot New Years Eve… definitely not a bad thing, just different, so you probably don’t need to bring that Christmas jumper with you.

There are more than a few creepy crawlies, but you can learn to live alongside them as long as you thoroughly check your shoes before you slip them on!

The wildlife can also be extremely impressive in Australia with kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles (in the north) and incredible marine life.

Auastrlian Visas

They don’t just dish out a Visas, you will need to identify the right visa path for you and your situation, so speaking to a migration agent is a great way to do this.

Eastern Australia or Westent Australia

The next big question on the list is do you go East or West? The East Coast is popular with migrants, and is where you will find Brisbane, Sydney and further south, Melbourne.

On the west coast you will find Perth – one of the fastest growing cities in Australia.

One thing to bare in mind is that Australia is more expensive when it comes to house prices, and salaries vary from area to area. In fact, you may find more rewarding salaries in regional and rural areas. This is the government’s attempt to build on developing communities and accepting a regional sponsored job could be a great skilled migration path.

Regional areas are also cheaper to live in with more affordable house prices and rentals.

TSS Visas

The best way to enquiry about the temporary skills shortage isa is by speaking with a registered migration agent.

You may be required to give biometric identification if you are applying for a visa for Australia from Canada, which may need to be done at the Canada Visa office. As always, the easiest way to find out what you need to do to support your visa application is to speak to a registered migration agent.