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Why Australia?

There are so many countries to choose from when you are considering a year abroad studying. Do you choose the UK, US, Europe or Australia?

For many, Australia poses an attractive option when it comes to studying abroad. For those wanting to improve their English they can benefit from Australia being an English speaking country. Speaking excellent English is a great way to get ahead in many, many industries.

For overseas students from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and Indonesia, studying in Australia also presents a very cosmopolitan environment when it comes to different nationalities being present. Education is one of the biggest industries in Australia, and according to the international student population in Higher Education in Australia is made up on the below nationalities.

Nationalities of International Students in Australia

  • India: 40,997
  • Nepal: 15,386
  • Malaysia: 13,196
  • Vietnam: 12,438
  • Pakistan: 9,024

So, how are all these international students studying in Australia?

In order to study in Australia, you will require a Student Visa. A Student Visa for Australia can only be obtained once you have received your confirmation of enrollment from the full time course you have applied for. It is worth bearing in mind, that you must be enrolled on a full time course in order to qualify for a Student Visa for Australia.

Should you wish to bring a partner or family members with you whilst you study in Australia, it is worth consulting a Registered Migration Agent to find out what visa implications may be in place.

For those studying in Western Australia, a Perth Migration agent will be best placed to answer your queries about studying in Perth as an international student.

A Registered Migration Agent will look at your unique situation to assess the most appropriate visa path to take with regard to studying and bringing relatives with you to Australia whilst you study abroad. A Perth Migration Agent will also be able to assist you with lodging your visa application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which will give you the best chance of obtaining your visa for Australia.

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